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aviation courses

Whether you are have no knowledge of aviation, a novice, amateur or seasoned pilot- we tailor make courses to suit your every requirement. 

We provide;

  • Private pilot license training (PPL)
  • Commercial pilot license training  (CPL)
  • Airline pilot license training (ATPL)
  • Class ratings (single engine/ multi engine, piston and turbine ratings)
  • Type ratings
  • Night ratings
  • Instrument ratings
  • Groundschools
  • Foreign license validation assistance
  • Foreign license conversion assistance

practical & theoretical training

African Skyline offers one on one lecturing. Students are “spoon-fed” to ensure they understand theoretical concepts properly on the ground before climbing in the aircraft. 

Practical flight training is used to demonstrate what was taught theoretically which ensures that the student can link theory to practice. 

This not only saves the student money- but also builds a knowledgable pilot!

Hour Building

Enquire now about our fantastic hour building packages! We teach students how to navigate in any airspace and plan long distance flying efficiently and safely!

valid certificate

Together with ATO partners in both Johannesburg as Kwazulu Natal- we offer training in both locations and provide the student with SACAA accredited licenses and ratings.

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instrument ratings

At African Skyline- we believe that instrument flying is the most important aspect of flying, We specialise in providing informative and exciting training in a unique environment with in depth training from highly experienced airline pilots. 

We begin with a comprehensive and in depth groundschool. 

Basic instrument flying is taught as part of the night rating . 

This is completed following a brief but exciting groundschool followed by 5 hours simulator training and 10 to 15 hours in the aircraft.

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advanced instruments course

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superior training

Special Summer course

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Flight lessons

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An introduction to flying.

An Amazing introduction to Flying. This first flight lesson is aimed at young or old to experience what it would feel like to pilot an aeroplane. We are one of few flight training organisations that train the student in excercises 1-4 of the private pilot training syllabus. This is a training flight

Our Egyptian student
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private pilot license (PPL)

The private pilot license training is  completed in a dynamic manner to suit individuals of all walks of life. We train in a dynamic manner to suit both young and old, graduates or home execs, we complete the training in timeframe to suit your budget and may be completed in as little as 6 months. Enquire now!!

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Commercial Pilots License (CPL)

Our Commercial Pilot license training is completed in modules. This is tailored to suit different time frames, budgets and candidates whether it is done full time or part time. 

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