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The introductory flight experience at African Skyline- from our experience in the aviation industry, is the ONLY introductory flight in South Africa whereby the candidate is given full control of the aircraft throughout ALL critical stages of flight. (Take-off and landing).

Despite describing it as an introductory flight- this is actually a full flight lesson which is described as exercise 4 of our pilot training syllabus as approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

African Skyline has embarked on a project which seeks to prove that ANYBODY regardless of their RACE, gender, creed, AGE, Ethnicity or financial standing is able to pilot an aeroplane completely by themselves with minimal assistance from a flight instructor whom will be onboard with them on the aircraft.

We ensure this is possible by :

including a lengthy, in depth, exciting briefing prior to the flight where the instructor teaches candidates the theory of lift, the effects of the primary flight controls on the aircraft and equips the candidate with enough knowledge to really pilot the aircraft by themselves.

As opposed to most flight schools, we  provide only senior flight instructors and airline pilots to share this experience with you which ensures that your instructor has the confidence and experience to give you maximum control of the aircraft instead of just making you “believe” that you’re in control.

Terms and conditions:

All services purchased through African Skyline Pty Ltd are non-refundable.

Due to the nature of Aviation- flights may be delayed or cancelled due to weather or technical difficulties at any moment prior to departure.

African Skyline places the safety of its crew and its clients at the foremost and any flight which is adversely affected due to weather, technical difficulties or any other unforseen circumstances  which is deemed by African Skyline to be a potential safety risk will be rescheduled. African Skyline will under these circumstances notify the client of the delay or cancellation and the reservation may be re-scheduled within 3 calendar months with no penalty.

Should the client miss their confirmed slot without having rescheduled with African Skyline Pty Ltd prior to 72 hours prior to the flight, African Skyline Pty reserves the right to treat this as a unilateral cancellation  and no compensation or re-booking will be offered for the missed flight unless agreed upon and negotiated with African Skyline to re- schedule as reservation slots are extremely busy and a no show or late cancellation by the client results in African Skyline having to incur costs for the reserved aircraft and crew.




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